This is not your typical coffee from Panama. I love cupping higher end very special coffee. But most times it seems that the price makes me not buy it. Most people drink below average coffee and are happy. Not me, I can taste the difference!A higher Price does not always mean a better coffee and have I tasted many fantastic beans from all over the world that were really nice for the money. But usually those coffees come from places in the world nobody knows. This coffee is such small production that probably it will be gone before I will be able to order more. Sorry home roasters it may be out of your price range to buy green. There may only be a few of my customers that will try this coffee. The truth is there is coffee for me to sell and coffee for me to drink! Understand that a coffee like this is not a DARK roast coffee and is not suited for that type of roast. I wanted to buy their Geisha but hope to in the future. Panama has some of the most expensive coffee in the world.

This coffee is sourced from Finca Lerida Coffee Estate that is located near the town of Boquete within the province of Chiriqui, Panama. Finca Lerida Coffee Estate has a rich heritage beginning with specialty coffee exports dating back to 1929. Great care has been taken to cultivate coffee in harmony with the ecological paradise that surrounds Finca Lerida Coffee Estate, which includes Volcan Buru National Park, La Amistad International Park, and over 550 species of birds. At the center of Finca Lerida Coffee Estate there is a vintage hotel with amenities that equal the natural beauty. Here are some of flavors picked up while cupping this gem of a coffee.
concord grape

Brewing it in a Chemex or pour over can really change the taste profile.
oxygen cleansed paper filter: Strawberry, lime, Vanilla, buttery.