Roasted Coffee Fill A Box lighter to medium roast


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This is an opportunity to try different lighter to medium roast coffee. My friend Nick has been a customer for years and he knows most of my coffee is sold green unroasted to home roasters and they seek very different coffee than my roasted customers. Since I sell green coffee my selection changes all the time. This year is very different and more than ever we are focused more on quality than cost. You see there is a global struggle going on and everything from global shipping and an array of different costs adds up to the farmers costs. These coffees come whole bean but if you ask me I sure can grind them for you. Depending on where you live most times a medium flat rate box is used and that costs me about $15 plus about 3% fees for using a payment platform. This year is a year of small farmers, giving back to our community and our farmers for all their hard work and quality despite all these challenges. Feel free to email me or text 202-460-5260 if you want a specific taste profile because we have a lot of special process coffee and a lot of blends that can be created to what you like.


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