I have been a home roaster for at least 12 years now. It is amazing how many nice beans are out there for home roasters to buy. But I have noticed that most new buyers are afraid to try something different than the same old coffee available in every store roasted. I guess that being familiar with a certain country helps buyers feel safe when buying. I say try something different! Africa offers so many different coffee producing countries that offer great quality beans. Places like Cameroon, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, just to name a few. Since I sell FRESH roasted coffee I make a lot of blends using different beans from around the world and single origin coffee as well.  Ethiopian coffee especially natural process beans offer blends a delicious addition to your blend. Even if you only dark roast, adding a medium roast natural process Ethiopian can give your dark roast a smoothness and bring back some complexity lost to the dark beans. Jimma, Lekempti, Sidama, and Harrar can offer so much! This morning I was making a blend for a retail location and roasted several beans and tasted it as usual. Nice coffee but boring, than I added Jimma and Sidama natural and wow what a difference it made, that chocolate and fruit tones made the blend 10 times better. Thanks Home Roasters! Happy Roasting, Chris