There is no other coffee growing region in the world like Ethiopia. This music is dedicated to the wonderful people of the birth place of coffee Ethiopia. I hope to visit soon. Happy Roasting, Chris
Oromia is the region where coffee first originated and it is by the Oromo people that the usage of coffee as a food started in the beginning of the 5th century. Oromia is approximately located between 3 degree and 15 degree North latitude and 33 degree and 40 degree longitude. The region is known for its unique native vegetation as well as for being the center of diversity for many different species of plant. The region is the birth place of coffee. The Oromo’s use coffee as food, drink, trade, spiritual nourishment and as a tool for peace-keeping.

Oromia Zone is one of the zones in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Oromia is named for the Oromo people, who settled along the edge of the Ethiopian highlands that form this Zone. Oromia Zone is bordered on the southwest by Semien Shewa, on the northwest by Debub (South) Wollo and Argobba special woreda, and on the east by the Afar Region. Kemise is the administrative center of the Zone; other towns include Bati.