I just finished roasting my first batch of the New crop Sidama Ardi. This fantastic coffee is grade 1. This coffee was released from Customs recently and I am one of the first roasters to get it on the East Coast! Today was devoted to visiting Keffa Coffee Importers in their new Building in Downtown Baltimore. They are building a spectacular coffee lab. It was really educational to cup coffee with the owner. He is always a wealth of knowledge. We also tasted samples he got from different origins from around the world. He just got in a delicious Sumatra from Lake Toba area. I will get the Sumatra in the future. I also got another 132 pounds of the YirgZ Natural process before it is gone. For my DARK roast and Espresso fans I got a Brazil Natural process. 250 pounds Ardi left after orders today. To my home roasters I am running low on my less expensive Ethiopian Naturals and are waiting on new crops to arrive in port in the coming months. The Sidama Ardi is a registered Trademark of Keffa Coffee and are really happy to be one of the few to be able to use the name! This coffee makes fantastic Espresso! Happy roasting, Chris