I have always enjoyed this bean variety but never found a natural process before. So enjoy it while it is here. I may just drink it all myself! Very expensive but also rare and tiny production.
Pacamara is a fascinating and somewhat heavily researched cultivar, despite only accounting for about 0.22% of El Salvador’s coffee plants. It is a uniquely Salvadoran variety, developed internally by the Ahuachapán over the course of nearly 30 years beginning in 1958. Pacamara’s parents are Marigogype and Pacas, a naturally occurring Bourbon mutation discovered by the Pacas family in the Santa Ana volcanic region within El Salvador. Marigogype is a naturally occurring (and well-researched in its own right) mutation of Typica, first discovered in Brazil’s mountainous and somewhat under-regarded Bahia region. Marigogype is a large seed variety, and it contributes this characteristic to its progeny.
Pacamara is coveted for more than just its absurdly large screen size, however. An intrinsic, unique character showcasing unusual notes in the herbal and savory family of coffee flavors. This microlot, which Sr. Valdivieso has dried straight off the tree in cherries, also showcases an array of fruity and sweet wine-like flavors. It’s a unique delight.

This is an intensely fruity coffee that displays all the characteristics you would expect in a fruit dried coffee.black grape,strawberry,dried fruit, and cherry notes.