Cupping is perhaps one of the most important skills anyone can develop within the coffee industry. Initially developed by green coffee buyer, “cupping” provides a consistent methodology for evaluating a coffee’s quality before determining a price on a lot. In much the same way that a wine connoisseur would evaluate a fine Cabernet, cuppers must use a strict set of tasting protocols to assess quality. I have really reduced my inventory waiting on new crop Ethiopians to get here. Cupping coffee is really important to see what may be bought next. The problem is I taste some really cool beans that I do not buy because of the price. Since I sell mostly green coffee beans to home roasters it seems like new roasters are looking for price and a bean they know or see in every grocery store. Sometimes these regions end up in my blends with a dumb name, this way it will sell. Amazing how little people are willing to step outside the box and try something. But than as home roasters get tired of the same stuff they may venture out and try other regions like Cameroon. You would think places like Papa New Guinea would sell or even Dominican Republic. If I had a coffee shop than these areas could get tasted. Happy Roasting, Chris