At Green Coffee Bean Guru we always strive to offer FREE shipping for our customers. Most of our business is for home roasters. We set this up to make it easy for our customers so they do not need to worry about what the coffee will cost factoring in shipping.  However, shipping is calculated on 5 pounds green coffee beans, which makes shipping a costly problem for us if customers only buy a few pounds of beans. I understand that home roasters do not go through a lot of coffee, but if most people buy 5 pounds or more than we can afford to continue FREE shipping can stay. But if too many orders are small, than we will not be able to afford to sustain free shipping, and have no choice but to go back to calculated shipping.  In addition, beginning this month, USPS has also raised their shipping costs and does not offer shipping discounts to us anymore.  Now it costs $6.80 to ship up to 5 pounds green coffee beans. Pricing will have to change due to higher shipping costs. As many of my customers know we almost always send samples with their orders. Sometimes I am swamped and may forget or if there is a really small order we do not include samples. While offering free beans is not inexpensive, I believe it is an investment – in you, as a customer, and in showing you other beans out there and letting you discover them.  Because sometimes you may just want to try different beans before you buy more of them.  As we get more green coffee sales, I can have more of a selection available for the smaller scale and home coffee roaster.  Lets hope FREE SHIPPING can stay. Happy Roasting, Chris