There have been lots of problems in this part of Ethiopia and coffee like this one may become hard to get due to the burning of washing stations in Yirgacheffe. I only have about 100 pounds left of this coffee.
This coffee comes whole bean to keep it fresh.Due to the quality level of this coffee I only roast it medium or lower roasts.

If you look at the picture of this coffee even though it is not dark roasted it makes a great shot of Espresso!! WOW you mean that Espresso is not Burnt! Yes sometimes you want to taste the coffee not the burn! The Importer brings in very little Yirgacheffe that is natural process coffee. Some of the top Barista’s in the country use great coffee like YirgZ!! Buy it while it is available.


A beautiful, zero defect coffee with a tea rose aroma and a complexity of fruit flavors(kiwi,lemon,berries). This coffee has a bright, clean finish with a nice acidity.

This is an exceptionally complex Ethiopian coffee from the Yirgacheffe region. YIRGZ is a collaboration with many small farmers. It is a collection of heirloom beans that then gets processed immaculately.