I’m always hunting for new coffee! The new crop of a really delicious Sumatra coffee is in customs and I hope to get it next week? Also another single farmer Yirgacheffe Natural process. a delicious Ethiopian Limu washed process. For several years my friend and importer has imported some outstanding coffee from El Salvador and a washed process coffee from a small farm will also be in the new coffee coming. For any home roasters looking for a less expensive Natural process coffee coming fro Ethiopia That is also coming next week I hope? Sometimes I find really cool and funky coffee like the coffees from Laos, Rwanda, Burundi, Papua New Guinea. Since I mostly sell to home roasters sometimes those smaller countries do not get picked! I did cup a delicious Natural Process from DR Congo that I hope to also get? The problem is having a large inventory can be really expensive! Sometimes I need to let inventory go down before buying more greens! Thank you Home Roasters for keeping me going! I am so thankful for you and my roasted customers also. A coffee shop is not in the plans for many reasons but who knows maybe I will become a small coffee importer! Happy Roasting and Drinking! Best Chris