Yesterday I picked up several sacks of coffee in Baltimore. Today was spent roasting these new beans. I am a one man show and also work a full time job in retail. My wife and I also rescue elderly and hospice dogs. Coffee to me is a long time passion that started many moons ago. I am still a HOME roaster and this is why I wanted to sell the green coffee beans to my fellow home coffee roaster. Selling roasted coffee from home is a struggle at times but over the years several loyal customers are still buying FRESH roasted coffee from me. My retail job is in the wine Biz and I’ve been in wine since 1998 when I graduated from Culinary school. I believe having a food and wine background helps with coffee. I hope in the future to be able to promote local home delivery of FRESH roasted coffee. Being able to work from home helps with our fur kids. Thanks to all my loyal green and roasted customers who still buy from me! The picture below is Valerie with one of the many sad dogs we rescue! Boris was saved from a cruel life down south! He was a hunting dog that was treated horrible! He came to us from a dear friend who saves many sad dogs! Some hunters treat hounds horrifically! He was shot at with pellet guns to make him hunt faster! I also sell on Ebay and Etsy but over several months sales on Ebay have been down about 80 % due to them changing the way they list products! They use to share first page listings mixing large and small sellers together but now only promote the big guys! Now I’m struggling to sell products! I wanted to thank Etsy for supporting us small sellers by mixing up our listings. Maybe you need bulk roasted coffee for your office or for an event.