I have been using Ethiopian Naturals like Jimma to make a boring blend much better. It is amazing how this coffee can help a boring blend. Although it is also nice by itself. Happy Roasting, Chris

Jimma is one of the zones of the Ethiopian Region of Oromia. Jimma is named for the former Kingdom of Jimma, which was absorbed into the former province of Kaffa in 1932. Jimma is bordered on the south by the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region, the northwest by Illubabor, on the north by Misraq Welega, and on the northeast by Mirab Shewa; part of the boundary with Misraq Shewa is defined by the Gibe River. The highest point in this zone is Mount Maigudo (2,386 m). Towns and cities in Jimma include Agaro, Genet and Saqqa. The town of Jimma was separated from Jimma Zone and is a special zone now.