In the 1960’s Haiti actually produced over half the entire world’s coffee supply. Due to dictators, deforestation,
and endless natural disasters, they now produce less than 1%.

Organic Haitian Blue. It is grown at a high altitude of Haiti’s tropical mountain region. It is the same varietal as Jamaican Blue Mountain and Cafe Kreyol is utilizing it to create sustainable jobs in Haiti.Roasting it light roast imparts notes of almonds and butter and has a smooth finish typical of island profile coffees. Watch out, it goes down smooth. I wanted to support such great people and coffee. The importer who brings in this coffee pays high prices to the farmers to support a living wage for its workers. The Haitian people tend to roast coffee on the darker side. I wanted to also feature the bean as an espresso, blending roast levels together. Enjoy this limited coffee while it is here.