The NEW crop Ethiopia Sidama Ardi is in Customs in Baltimore and I will be picking up 264 pounds of this fantastic coffee! The last crop got rated 95 points Coffee Review! It looks like I will be one of the first roasters to get the new crop. Here is the last crops rating and some info. The Importer Keffa Coffee Importers is local to Us! I was told that I can pick up some on Wed this week! Lets hope there are no tie ups.

Wow! What a great natural process bean. If you like the big juicy fruit of Sidamo than you will love this highly rated coffee by coffee review online. Coffee Review gave it 95 Points! Grown in the Guji area of Sidamo growing region on farms around Machicha village, this Ethiopian coffee is a dry or natural processed coffee, meaning the beans were dried inside the fruit .

TASTING NOTES: Strawberry, Juicy, Floral and Sweet

It turns out Ethiopia is the birthplace of more than just coffee!
The oldest human skeleton

ever found, over 4.4 million years old, was found in Ethiopia and named Ardi. Samuel, the owner of Keffa Coffee, named this sweet coffee after our ancient ancestor.

Ardi is a natural processed coffee under exporter’s care. After being picked by hand it’s dried on a raised bed in the sun for three weeks. During this process sorting the under-ripe cherry is continued by skillful workers. Keffa’s local agent supervises the site to ensure the very best quality.