Today I made a Sun tea made from (Cascara) coffee cherry tea. Really simple to make. Just add 4 ounces Cascara, twelve Cups filtered water in a clear jar and put it outside for the day. It can be filtered after to make it look better but I do not because the Coffee Cherry has a nice amount of Antioxidents in them. Also you can re use the tea a second time with less water. same if you brew it hot in a french press you can brew another smaller batch.
El Salvador Finca Buenos Aires Cascara
Notes of raisin, prune and honey with a citrus finish
You can also do a search for green coffee bean guru to see what is listed by the pound. Coffee cherry tea is an herbal tea made from the dried berries (or “cherries”) of the coffee plant. It is also known as cascara, from the Spanish cáscara, meaning “husk”.
Coffee cherry tea is rarely produced for export, but is commonly drunk in some coffee-growing nations, notably Bolivia and, as the variant Qishr, in Yemen.

This can be brewed cold or hot.
Coffee cherries contain caffeine, as does the tea, though while the tea is popularly understood to have a high level of caffeine,[2] it actually only has about a quarter the caffeine levels of coffee.[3] The taste of coffee cherry tea is different from coffee, and has been described as somewhat sweet and cherry flavored, surprisingly pleasant.