Really nice coffee to drink by itself or blend it with other regions. Thanks to the hard working farmers for this delicious coffee. CUP NOTES:Yellow plum, cocoa, caramel, nice sweetness.

This fully washed coffee is from the Oku Valley, Cameroon. Standing over the valley is Mount Kilum (aka Mount Oku), which at 3,011 masl is the second highest peak in West Africa. Oku is a subdivision of the Bui division in the north west region of Cameroon. The coffee is grown between 1800 and 2200 masl and is shade grown under orange and banana trees. The coffee is harvested and washed the same day, using fresh spring water. It is then dried on raised beds.
The main variety grown in the Oku Valley was reportedly brought from Jamaica over 70 years ago. It is now grown alongside a more vibrant variety called Java brought from the province of Java in Indonesia and promoted by the Cameroon research institute IRAD. The exotic Kilum forest is found nearby where the world renowned white honey is harvested and coffee pollination is done principally by bees from this forest. An inactive volcanic lake sits at the top of the mountain and from there several springs of water flow down to the villagers. The soils are mainly volcanic tending to be slightly acidic.
With an annual production of about 400 tons of washed Arabica, Oku stands out as one of the most coffee dependent villages in the North West Region. Production is mainly small holder with farms ranging from 1/4ha to 3ha. The coffee is grown on the slopes of the mount Oku at altitudes ranging from 1700masl to about 2200masl. Being mainly small holder, farming practices are rudimentary. However during the last 6 years, OLAM CAM S.A. introduced a coffee project to promote good agricultural practices.