Single Serve Mocca Java Blend 72 Pods Compostable

$90.00 $79.00


The reason this coffee is named a NEW WORLD BLEND is because most coffee roasters are now using beans from Ethiopia and Sumatra to produce a more affordable version of the FIRST blend of the 15th century. Using Ethiopian instead of Yemen produces a less (wild) blend but still enjoyable. The use of Sumatra is because the coffee from Java today is not the same taste profile as it was back in the day. We as roasters find Sumatra to be a better fit for the blend. This is a darker/ medium roast blended together to produce a smooth brew!

After many years of selling FRESH roasted coffee I realized that coffee for some needs to be convenient and nothing else matters! The problem is single serve coffee is not good for our environment! I decided to offer a better option for pods but also offer them in a compostable container. You get 6 boxes of twelve pods in each box. FREE SHIPPING! If you ever have Pods that leak I found a secret solution wrap the top with a small piece of foil than insert the pod into your machine. Happy Drinking, Chris


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