Single Serve Ethiopia Limu Natural Process Organic 72 Pods Compostable

$90.00 $79.00


After many years of selling FRESH roasted coffee I realized that coffee for some needs to be convenient and nothing else matters! The problem is single serve coffee is not good for our environment! I decided to offer a better option for pods but also offer them in a compostable container. You get 6 boxes of twelve pods in each box. FREE SHIPPING! If you ever have Pods that leak I found a secret solution wrap the top with a small piece of foil than insert the pod into your machine. Happy Drinking, Chris

Tasting notes:Blueberry jam and Port aromatics.
Grape soda and clementine
in a juicy, syrupy cup.

Summertime is peak Ethiopia Natural season, so don’t wait to try this sun-dried offering from Limu Kossa. This dried-in-the-fruit, Natural process stunner is a eureka moment waiting to be tasted! Ask a barista what bean opened their eyes to exciting coffees, and they’ll likely wax poetically about the first Ethiopia Natural they ever tasted. Let Limu Kossa be your game-changer!


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