In downtown Djimma sits a large statue of a ceremonial Ethiopian coffee pot, highlighting the importance of coffee to this region. As the largest city in southwestern Ethiopia, the coffee culture in Djimma runs deep – this town was the former capital of the historic Kaffa province, which many believe to be the area where coffee was first discovered by a goatherd and his famous dancing goats.

Djimma has a tropical rainforest climate with hearty rains during its longer-than-average wet season (March to October). The region is known for its honey, and that’s not the only sweetness that comes from this soil. For hundreds of years, coffee tree varieties in this area have evolved and cross-pollinated to create complex, well-developed fruit flavors that can only be achieved through heirloom cultivation.

Its creamy body with dark chocolaty and fruity flavors brings an excellent
Dijimma is a city in Ethiopia near Keffa, the place where coffee is thought to have originated.This is a natural process coffee that can be roasted at any level. I like it lite to medium roast but is great dark roasted. Just let me know how you want it roasted.

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