Mubuyu Farm was founded in 1971 by Willem Lublinkhof, who came to Zambia from the Netherlands as a Dutch Development worker.

The beans are not even in size and they are smaller but I liked the taste for its price.

In 1999, Mubuyu Farms diversified from crops and cattle into coffee production. The farm is situated at the foot of the Munali Pass.

Munali coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,130 metters on a 60 hectare plantation. The farmconsistes of 1,800 total hectares, growing wheat and soy where it is milled on site and sold into the local market.

Mubuyu Farm has a school and clinic for farm workers and their families, eploying a total of 420 workers.

When harvesting coffee, the cherries are picked by hand from April to September during Zambia’s dry season. The cherries are only picked when they are bright red, glossy and firm.

Taste profile: Almonds, Lemon, Raisin & Pear


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