Green Coffee Beans 1 Pound panama pacamara natural process




1924, engineer Mönniche finally retired from the Panama Canal, and along with
his wife, Julia moved to Finca Lerida. Here he built his house – entirely by
hand – in a Norwegian countryside style and built the first Coffee Plantation
by gravity in Panama. Aside from this, he designed and patented the “sifon” a
device made to separate good beans from the bad. This device is now is used
worldwide by many coffee plantations, and it is still working in Finca Lerida,
where Mönniche’s old processing plant still processes coffee of excellent
Finca Lerida’s reputation is as old as the first coffee that Panama exported to Germany in 1929. The high-quality coffee produced inside this exceptional plantation made its international buyers realize that there was more to Panama that just its Canal. Finca Lerida’s located 10 km uphill from Boquete.

Pacamara Natural
Farm: Amelia Estate
Altitude: 1550 MSL
Region: Jaramillo, Boquete


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