This coffee is perfect for dark roasts! The crop year is 2019 also known as a sunset crop because the new crops are in. Uganda coffee is really nice dark roasted or just into second cracks. You can also use it in blends with a higher quality Ethiopian natural process.

Empire Agric believes that in order to benefit from their produce, farmers need to be meaningful participants and stakeholders in the value chain. EACS works with co-operatives and groups in the Bugisu sub-region in Eastern Uganda (Mbale, Bulambuli, Manafwa and Sironko) including Budadiri.

CUPPING NOTES: Chocolate, Tobacco, Earthy, Cedar, and Sweet Dried Fruit, with a Low to Medium acidity and a Full Body.

REGION: Budadiri PRODUCER: Empire Agric

ALTITUDE: 4,070 M above sea level PROCESS: Washed and Sun-Dried

VARIETAL: Typica, Kent, SL28


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