green coffee beans ethiopian yirgacheffe washed yeast fermented process 5 Pounds



Producer: Iseral Degefa
Region: Southern Nation Nationality and peoples region (SNNP)
Woreda: Kochere
Kebele: Bonde
Elevation: 2100 Meters
Climate: subtropical
Variety- 74158, Heirloom
Processing Method: Washed
Dry Time: 15 days
Harvest Month: 21/22
Farmers Contributed: 884
Processing Stations: Bonde washing station
Fermentation time: 48 hrs
Yeast – Intenso

The coffee-growing region of Yirgacheffe is small but fertile, producing some of the world’s most well-known beans. Our patented YirgZ takes the classic Yirgacheffe taste profile to the next level by ensuring zero defects. The coffee is rigorously sorted in a process that includes mechanical sorting by size and density, then careful hand sorting that takes three times longer than conventional coffee.

To show appreciation for this work, we pay sorters Three times higher than the average wage. Workers say the extra income helps them support their communities and send their children to school, highlighting the importance of specialty coffee premiums and direct trading practices.


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