Green coffee beans Colombia Finca La Maria Anaerobic natural process 10 Pounds


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Wow what a fantastic coffee! Only about 2000 pounds produced of this fantastic coffee! If you like the Wush Wush than this is one to try! It is more on the juicy fruit and chocolate notes and slight roasting variations changes the cupping notes. I roast small amounts because you really can not hear cracks. Also I try to keep it in the beginning of first crack so you get some raspberry flavors. The way this coffee is processed it is very time consuming for the farmer and we pay a premium for higher cupping coffee! I will be sending some proceeds from this sale back to the family so they can get some help with finances and especially this year because fertilizer costs are so high. This is a direct trade with this small farm.

Finca La Candela belongs to the Lotero Cano Family. A third generation of coffee farmers living in La Loma Del Guamo village in Titiribí town in Antioquia .Alberto Lotero, the father bought a big portion of the farm 8 years ago from another coffee farmer and neighbor named Luis Rios. Alberto and his family owned some lots already but most of the farm was acquired then.
There are currently 10.000 threes on the plantation but this family started out with 4.000. Alberto Lotero and Gloria Cano met in 1985. Today they are a family of five, two daughters and one son. The Lotero family is a clear example of a traditional coffee producing family in Colombia. They are hard working and family oriented with strong values and principles.

Origin: Colombia.
Subregion: Southwestern Antioquia РLoma del Guamo Village РTitiribí Town.
Elevation: 1.600m above sea level.

Variety: Red Castillo & Yellow Castillo
Cup Score: 88+
Tasting Notes: Blueberries, raspberries, red wine, peaches
Process: Natural – Combined fermentation (Aerobic 50 hr + Anaerobic 12 hr)


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